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General Manager: Devlin Zhang
Business Philosophy: It is our mission to make customers profitable and product innovation is our pursuit. SH firmly believes that our products are the representatives of Chinese creation new forces!

Tel: +86-13967898976

Sales Manager: Becky Wu
Personal Experience: 8 years of working experience and serves 10 key clients who have cooperated with SH for more than 5 years.
Personal Declaration: I love foreign business. And as a member of SH, I am willing to put all my efforts on every evolution of SH!

Tel: +86-18968399520

Sales Manager: Beddy Li
Personal Experience: 7 years of working experience. The leader of 8-personnel sales team. Served 50 regular clients. Brand customers include Starbucks, Quaker, McDonald's, Disney, etc.
Personal Declaration: God help those who help themselves. More efforts, more fortunes!

Tel: +86-15058436540

Sourcing+ New Item developing Manager: Wu Yue
Personal Experience: Ten years product development experience; develop at least 20 new products every month.
Personal Declaration: Detail + Determination + Passion = Execution!

Tel: +86 13819844524

Engineer:  Luo
Personal Experience: 11 years industry experience 
Personal Declaration: Being decisive is my style. Strict requirements are my attitude. I hope that SH can create more good products for customers and sell them all over the world!

Engineer: Zhang
Personal Experience: 9 years industry experience 
Personal Declaration: My profession is a mold master, I must ensure that each product is of high quality and customer satisfaction. SH quality starts from me!

Personal Experience: 5 years industry experience 
Personal Declaration: Rigorous is a QC professional ethics, quality is the pillar of an enterprise, the strict quality requirements of SH will win more customers' trust and long-term cooperation!

Personal Experience: 8 years industry experience 
Personal Declaration: Control the quality in each program, insist strict routine inspection three times a day, I am responsible for the quality supervision of SH products!

Sales: Emily
Sales Star: I have developed several sports cups for my customer which directly makes them to be the second-largest seller in Amazon. Making customers profitable is what we should do!

Sales: Betty Fang
Service Star: Fast, timely and accurate feedback is our best respect for customers , we should not waste customers time, and  we must create profits for customers!

Sales: Ellen Liu
Skill Star: I can speak English, Japanese. I believe that details determines success or failure, and I can sort order details to the best!

R&D: Rain
Growing Star: I love SH, the company culture gives me a deeper understanding of customer service and has made me grow a lot, I hope more quality customers choose us. SH is your best choice!

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