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Magical Effect of Tea Leaves

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Many people drink tea, and they usually use tea infuser to pour out the tea residue, in fact, tea residue also has many uses. Below tell you ten magical effects of tea dregs. Come and have a look. 

A Beauty Tea Bath 

Green tea can deep cleanse the skin, and has a soft cuticle, so that the skin whitening and whitening effect. After the collection of tea beverages, naturally dried into a cotton bag, tie the bag into the bath, bath will feel the skin is soft and tender. 


Eliminate Dark Circles

The main cause of dark circles is lack of sleep, excessive eye, lack of vitamin B12 and so on. It is convenient and economical to use black tea bags to compress dark eyes. 

DIY Green Tea dust mask

The tannic acid contained in the tea leaves can increase the elasticity of the skin and help to protect the skin. In addition, in addition to whitening skin, tea also has bactericidal effect on acne, purulent is also very effective. 

Anti Wrinkle 

Catechin in tea is a natural antioxidant, can improve superoxide dismutase activity, is conducive to the elimination of free radicals, lipid peroxide, beneficial to fight against aging. 

Absorb Peculiar Smell 

Method: dry the remaining tea residue into the gauze bag and put it in the refrigerator to remove the fishy smell of fish and meat. Put in the kitchen to eliminate the smell of cooking. Put in the toilet, you can eliminate the stench; put in the wardrobe, you can remove the cigarette smell attached to the clothes. Put in shoes, shoes can remove moisture and odor. 

Treating Beriberi 

Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, has a strong bactericidal effect, especially for beriberi caused by filamentous bacteria is particularly effective. 


Wash Grease

With the remaining tea scrub, a greasy pot, bowl, wood, bamboo tables and chairs, can make it more smooth. 

Wash Greasy 

Adhere to the water soaked with tea shampoo, hair will be black and bright. In general the shampoo washed hair, then rinse tea, you can remove the excess dirt greasy, so that black hair soft and shiny, 100% natural nourishing. 

Residual Moisture Absorption

Leave the dried leaves dried and spread over the damp. Because tea has a strong adsorption. 

Use Tea Slag Washing 

When cleaning the pot bowl, pour some tea residue on the cleaning cloth. The bowl is not only easy to clean, but also makes it look clean and new. It also leaves some faint fragrance.


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