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How To Clean Your New Plastic Cup?

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New plastic cups always have unpleasant odor, and are always not clean enough. Don't think that just wash them with the water simply then the cups will be clean and odor-free.The Residual harmful substances and the residual noxious odor will do harm to our health. No matter what type of cup you buy, Before you drink water with them, please clean them carefully. Here are some tips for cleaning new cups.


Clean the cups

When heating the plastic cups, it is easy to dissociate harmful substances and do harm to our body. So you can clean it by the following way instead of heating.

Method 1: Put a few slices of lemon peel and orange peel in the cup, or a few drops of vinegar, and soak it overnight.

Method 2: When milk expires and can not be drunk, it can be soaked in cloth and used to wipe the cup. The dirt can be  removed quickly.

Method 3: Soak with the water of washing rice for one night. This method is also suitable for glasses, stainless steel cups and ceramic cups.

Method 4:wash the cup with water inside and outside. put a little toothpaste on the cup and rub it. After a while, run out with water.

Method 5:We can also use only salt to clean, we use the finger to get a little salt, brush back on the dirt, it can be cleaned quickly.



Remove the odor

White vinegar : Wash the cup with detergent first, and then wash the boiling water with white vinegar. At the same time, remove the taste and scale, and finally clean the cup.

Tea : Wash the cup with detergent first, then put the tea into the cup with boiling water, tighten the cup cover, place for about four hours, and finally clean the cup.

Saltwater : Wash the cup with detergent first, then pour the diluted salt water into the cup, shake evenly, leave for two hours, and finally clean the cup.



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