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Glass & Plastic Water Bottles Selection and Purchase

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As we all know that water is the source of life. If a person does not drink water for three days, he will die. Drinking water every day is good for health, so the water bottle selection is crucial. The below is some knowledge about how to choose glass and plastic cups.

Selection of Glass Water Bottles

Glass water bottles have some advantages. First, the material of glass water bottles is the safest among all kinds of water bottles. Glass is made of inorganic silicates and does not contain organic chemicals. Secondly, the glass water bottle’s body is smooth, and it is easy to clean. 

However, glass water bottles have some disadvantages. Firstly, glass material has strong thermal conductivity. If the water temperature is too high, the glass water bottle will be to burst. In addition, glass water bottle is eroded by water for a long time. The reaction between sodium silicate and carbon dioxide in the air will produce white carbonate crystals, and long-term non-replacement of the glass water bottle will damage health. 

Some Tips for Water Bottle Purchase

1) Pay attention to whether there are cracks in the inner and outer layers of the glass water bottle, because the cracked glass water bottle is easy to burst after hot water is injected.

2) See if the glass water bottle body is fine, it is recommended not to choose glass water bottle with impurities or bubbles.


Selection of Plastic Water Bottles

Actually, the plastic water bottles have a lot of disadvantages, the most serious disadvantage is that some plastic water bottle is toxic. when the plastic bottle is used to hold hot water, toxic chemicals easily leak into the water, such as bisphenol A, which is related to breast cancer, prostate cancer and sexual precocity. Once ingested, it is difficult for the human body to decompose, and it can also be inherited. In the meanwhile, plastic water bottles are easy to breed bacteria,because the plastic has many voids, which are easy to hide dirt.

When we buy the plastic water bottle, it is better to chose eco-friendly plastic water bottle or food grade plastic water bottle

Some Tips for Water Bottle Purchase

1)Before the production of water bottles, a special agency is required to issue a license, so the bottle body will be marked with the "QS" production license sign, although the mark does not determine the quality of the bottle, but the water bottle with this mark can be considered for purchase.

2)The bottle body will be marked for use, so the water bottle should choose "Food Grade", and the water bottle marked for other uses should not be purchased or used as far as possible, otherwise it will have adverse effects on health. Don't buy plastic water bottles that are not marked for use.


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